Practice Makes Perfect

If your team could choose how many practices to hold before the championship game to ensure a win, how many would you have?  Are you going to stop at two?  Most teams practice for weeks or even months together to ensure everyone knows their role and the playbook. 

When upgrading your ERP the stakes are high – if you lose it could cost your business both money and customers.  Limiting the number of times you refresh your data and practice the go-live process reduces your chance to get it right.  Project budgets and the cost of technical consulting hours typically limit most projects resulting in most companies only practicing twice before going-live.  Most projects also result in a chaotic first week on the new version and sleepless nights for the IT team!  It no longer needs to be that way. 

 “When we migrated from V7 to V12, The XTECH tool reduced a migration event that could have taken days to mere hours.  When your organization operates within a global, 24-hour setting, speed is critical” – Aric Gamache, VP of Technology

Upgrades don’t have to be constrained to two practices with XTech-Upgrade!  XTech-Upgrade allows Sage X3 clients to repeat the upgrade process as many times as they need to ensure the team is working well together. Sage X3 partner, RKL eSolutions, worked with Yakima Chief Hops to upgrade from Sage X3 v7 to v12.  Since Yakima Chief Hops operations run 24 hours a day any amount of time without Sage X3 would cost the business money.  Using XTech-Upgrade they were able to complete an upgrade project that was not constrained by go-live time or number of practices with successful results. 

No project is perfect, but the ability for Yakima Chief Hops team to practice the process without impacting production eliminated the normal go-live hiccups. 

John Arney, Business Systems Manager described XTech-Upgrade as the “gold standard around which X3 migrations should be built. We will never do another migration without this tool…period.” 

The new methodology, which gives clients control over refreshing the data, gave Yakima Chief Hops the best possible go-live experience by front-loading the project efforts.  Instead of finding issues at the last minute, Yakima Chief Hops go-live was only a few hours. 

  “XTECH enabled a smooth transition from version to version, allowing maximum time for data scrubbing, field preparation and end user-training.  It mimics the go-live process, exposing errors and allowing technical teams to formulate an accurate scope, evaluate data and practice the implementation from start to finish. The hours that our IT team saved were instead spent preparing for the migration.”   

Learn more about how your Sage X3 upgrade can be a success with RKL eSolutions and XTech-Upgrade. You can contact RKL eSolutions at or visit their website at RKL