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Practice Makes Perfect

If your team could choose how many practices to hold before the championship game to ensure a win, how many would you have?  Are you going to stop at two?  Most teams practice for weeks or even months together to ensure everyone knows their role and the playbook.  When upgrading your ERP the stakes are […]

Benefits of Upgrading Your ERP with XTech-Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your Sage X3 ERP? Currently Sage X3 standard upgrade processes includes a number of calculations and transformations of the data to convert to the newest version v12.  But this might not be enough preparation for your company and for some Sage X3 clients this can mean even more down time to the […]

Time to Upgrade?

Mitigate risk and upgrade your ERP. This is not impossible! The first step is to trust and empower the users. It is important to help define what to do in the new version for testing and offer new functionality to improve the business as motivation for the extra work. If the users are on the […]