Time to Upgrade?

Mitigate risk and upgrade your ERP. This is not impossible! The first step is to trust and empower the users. It is important to help define what to do in the new version for testing and offer new functionality to improve the business as motivation for the extra work. If the users are on the system, safely trying the new version with purposeful testing, they will be able to smoothly adopt new features and functionality. If the users are participating, they will help find any issues before the day of go live.
XTech-Upgrade allows you to refresh Sage X3 v12 with the live data in your current Sage X3 version. Imagine the quality of testing users can do if every Monday morning your new v12 matches your current X3 version in data. Now you can easily answer the age old question “what do I test?“ by letting users run the business in parallel in the system for short amounts of time. I find most users want to help and want to test, but this can be very difficult for them when their data is weeks old. Run in parallel for a few days to cover the normal business needs. Then enable the users to go try anything new they run across during the rest of the week.